We all are grappling with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic

We all are grappling with the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent issues of enormous scale and human impact. We all are learning how to connect, support and care for one another from a distance. In such a time of uncertainty and fear, many people are struggling to manage the variety of emotions that come up. Mental health professionals have a vital role in helping us all cope and even thrive.

That is why we are providing FREE resources to support the mental health community.  We hope these resources will offer inspiration, support, and some practical resources for the essential work you are doing, not only now in crisis, but each and every day.


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy from a Distance: Engaging the Body, Creating Presence, and Building Relationship in Online Therapy

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (SPI) Founder, Dr. Pat Ogden, and SPI faculty member, Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, share insights for how to practice somatic psychotherapy when you can't be in the same room with your client.


SPI, with encouragement from Routledge, is making this chapter by Drs. Ogden and Goldstein available during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The webinar is inspired by a chapter Dr. Ogden & Dr. Goldstein co-authored within the book, Theory and Practice of Online Therapy: Internet-delivered Interventions for Individuals, Groups, Families, and Organizations, by Haim Weinberg and Arnon Rolnick (Routledge, 2019). Find out more about this book on the Routledge website > 

  • Exploring considerations of privilege and marginalization to embrace flexibility in online therapy delivery
  • Adapting interventions to a variety of conditions for therapists and/or clients in online therapy
  • Addressing some of the themes from questions submitted by participants in the first webinar
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Global Meditations for Peace & Strength

In this time of physical isolation from one another, humankind has perhaps never been so connected throughout the world. To honor our emotional and spiritual unity, SPI Senior Faculty Dr. Kekuni Minton conducted a global meditation series throughout April 2020.

Each of the meditations was inspired by one of the six principles of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. You can watch and share these recordings from Facebook or YouTube.

Managing in The Midst of the Outbreak

In this Trauma Therapist podcast interview, Dr. Pat Ogden shares her thoughts on how this pandemic, and the trauma associated with it, is impacting us not only on an individual level, but on a global scale, as well. She shares her thoughts on the importance of recognizing our body’s responses and reactions as a means of regulating our nervous system, when we find ourselves in the center of anxiety.

This drastic and immediate change to how the world interacts is spurring SPI to look at new and alternative avenues for teaching and connecting. View our list of online programs available at this time. We look forward to creating more in the weeks and months ahead!
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP) actively incorporates awareness of the body into clinical practice, targeting the habits of physical action, autonomic dysregulation, and posture. By addressing the physical, as well as the psychological effects of adverse experience on mind and body, SP supports a deep and unified approach to healing. Go beyond theories and gain practical ways to open a new dimension for effective therapy...in person or online!